Septiembre 7 - 2018

IB Director General, Siva Kumari, came to visit Gimnasio de Los Cerros


The IB General Director is on a three-day visit to Colombia to meet with government officials, IB school directors, the AACBI Association, and with IB Coordinators and students.

60 Coordinators from 34 IB schools in Colombia came to Cerros today to see her and to hear her talk about the IB’s vision of education today and its plans for the future.

Siva joined the IB in 2009 and was appointed as the seventh Director General of the International Baccalaureate (IB) in 2014. She has a bachelor of science degree from India, a master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, and holds a doctorate in education from the University of Houston.

After meeting with school directors in the morning, Siva arrived here around noon and was given a quick tour of the school where she described Cerros as a “very beautiful school” and rejoiced at the faculty-student interaction that she witnessed as she passed by.

After the meeting, the Coordinators stayed for lunch and Siva went to Universidad de La Sabana.

At leaving, she thanked our hospitality as well as the flawless organization of the meeting.

This is the first time the highest ranking official of the IB comes to our Gimnasio de Los Cerros and that motivates us to continue to work hard so our students can benefit from the numerous, lifelong benefits offered by the IB Diploma Program.


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