January 12 - 2022

Welcome to the year 2022 - Start of classes


The return to classes at Gimnasio de Los Cerros is always an opportunity to adopt new challenges and continue with our work of educating. Therefore, this 2022 will be an important year for the return to normality and the realization of new challenges.

In 2021 we had the possibility to return to the classrooms and have the community united once again. In this renovation process we aimed to increase the experiential activities of the students to enrich their education. Thanks to the help of Pirineos Experience, our project of activities, expeditions and hikes outside the classroom, has been strengthened and has become a strong bet for the future.

Another challenge we have as a community is to adapt and take advantage of the lessons that virtuality has taught us. At Cerros, we believe that technological advances and the experience lived from home helped us to understand how an educational system with a strong foundation in technology works. We will be able to create videos, make calls, record classes and connect with each other without losing our human tone. Leveraging technology will be the next step in leaving the pandemic times behind.

This year we started off on the right foot by welcoming 16 new families who met and received an induction at the school. We welcome them in the institution to support them in the personal and academic formation of their children.

It is also important to remember the school's commitment to propose and guarantee all possible biosecurity measures for students and teachers. Last year we were able to gradually return to activities and create high quality face-to-face spaces such as CERMUN VI, organized by the students, and the Christmas event where we bid farewell to 2021.

For this year we have budgeted, according to the state's requirements, the full return to the classroom and the implementation of more face-to-face activities.



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