June 1 - 2021

Welcome! Families entering the school for 21-22 enjoyed our induction.


Last Saturday, May 29, we met remotely with 32 families entering the school for the 2021-22 academic year. In the digital meeting, we were able to get to know each other and show them the details and ins and outs of our school.

With an emotional video, the new members of Cerros were able to recognize each other by presenting a family photo together with the name of the child entering the school and the two surnames of the family nucleus.

Then, our rector, Eduardo Manrique, extended a welcome greeting and introduced them to Los Cerros Gymnasium. Additionally, the families had the opportunity to meet the rest of the school's directors and interact with them.

For their part, the teachers also said "present" at our Zoom meeting and, in addition to introducing themselves and making themselves available to the families, they explained the academic process and training plan.

Finally, parents had the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions, concerns to which they were given timely answers, ensuring the satisfaction of those attending the event. With gratitude, everyone said goodbye and the meeting ended.

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