June 7 - 2018

Los Cerros volleyball and soccer teams, champions in A.C.N.


The tournament counted with the participation of the schools associated with the N.C.A., which competed in different sporting events. The finals were held on June 1, simultaneously in different educational institutions.

Thus, at the Los Cerros facilities, the soccer final of the children's category took place between "Gimnasio de Los Cerros vs Calasanz", with a score of 2-1, crowning our school as champion. The goals were scored by the student Gabriel Zucker, from the sixth grade B.

On the other hand, the senior volleyball team was consolidated as champion, defeating Liceo Cervantes at the Calasanz school. In the children's category, they were runners-up.

Finally, the senior basketball team received the runner-up trophy after facing Gimnasio Los Pinos.

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