November 1 - 2018

Universidad de Los Andes awarded "Summa Cum Laude" distinction to Los Cerros graduate


The Academic Council of the Universidad de los Andes awarded him the degree of Summa Cum Laude Juan David Orjuela Garavito, student Juan David Orjuela Garavito, graduate of the School of Law and graduate of Gimnasio de Los Cerros.

The distinction Summa Cum Laude was awarded on October 10 at the University facilities and is one of the highest distinctions granted by the University to those undergraduate graduates whose cumulative undergraduate average is in the top one percent of the historical average of the graduates of their faculty in the last five years and who, additionally, enjoy the recognition of professors and peers for their exceptional academic and human qualities, comprehensive merits that are analyzed by a committee of the Academic Council of the University. Source: Universidad de Los Andes.

A special greeting and congratulations on this important academic achievement!

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