Family-School Union at the Los Cerros Gymnasium

Los Cerros Gymnasium
Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. The school is permanently interested in understanding their vision and they, in turn, are grateful to know the teachers' impression of their children's formative process. For this reason, the group director and the mentor hold quarterly interviews with them in order to jointly set accurate and coordinated objectives in the structuring of the student's improvement plan.

As parents have the greatest impact on their children, they need to be trained to better guide them. To this end, the school facilitates their participation in specific programs designed especially for this purpose.

    - Diploma in family with the Family Institute of the Universidad de La Sabana.
    - Family enrichment programs, through the case method, according to children's developmental stages: FAMOF (IFFD)
    - Character and affective development program: Protect your Heart
    - Alcohol and other substance abuse prevention program: Here and Now Collective

Educating our families in the parenting school

The closeness and friendship of the school's families facilitates the harmony and coincidence in the formation criteria and generates a more harmonious coexistence between them and their children. For this reason, the school promotes, in addition to the educational programs, activities such as: integrations by grades, Family Day, solidarity campaigns, coexistence, Christmas celebrations, Mother's and Father's Day, etc.

Each course has family coordinators who facilitate the motivation and communication of the group around the different activities proposed by the school.