March 15 - 2022

Tribute to Jorge Alberto Torres Pardo, exCerros and friend - Alumni


After more than 30 years of association with Gimnasio de Los Cerros, in December 2021, Jorge Alberto Torres Pardo retired from the institution where he held several positions: Director of the Technical Education Program of the Training and Social Services Center CER (Cerros Estudios Nocturnos), Director of Special Projects, Administrative Director and Permanent Secretary of the Alumni Association, ExCerros, today Alumni Cerros.

The Torres Gonzalez family joined the school in 1982 when they enrolled their son Jorge Alberto, a graduate of the 1992 graduating class; later, Juan Sebastian, a graduate of the 2002 graduating class. Today, they are outstanding professionals.

Jorge Alberto consolidated the information of the school's graduates and alumni and promoted the integration of each of the graduating classes through various activities: conferences, meetings, sports and lunches at the Gymnasium's headquarters, of which a large photographic record is kept.

Thanks to Jorge Alberto for all the work done with great affection, professionalism and sense of belonging. We wish him a good and well-deserved rest in the company of Leonor, his children and grandchildren. Always remember that Los Cerros Gymnasium is your home.

To continue the great work done by Jorge Alberto, Professor Raúl Pinzón Pinzón was appointed. We wish him success in this task.

The contact details of the new Alumni Cerros Permanent Secretary are:

cell phone: 317 6360364


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