March 7 - 2022

This was the IX Family Golf Tournament led by the Los Cerros Gymnasium


Last Friday, March 4, the IX Family Golf Tournament - Los Cerros Gymnasium Cup was held at the Los Arrayanes Country Club.

With 73 participants, the tournament developed in a great way in a sunny and perfect day to play the 18 holes. This number of participants is the highest in nine editions of this tournament, being a growing attraction for players and sponsors.

Why is this tournament being held?

The Gimnasio de Los Cerros promotes, through solidarity, the raising of resources for the school's Scholarship Fund. This fund has as its main objective to serve as an aid for families with economic disadvantages.

The Scholarship Fund is an initiative to help families who, in adverse conditions, are unable to cover educational costs.

Who supported us?

In addition to the 73 participants, to whom we reiterate our thanks for supporting the tournament, we thank those who decided to join this initiative in different ways. We highlight the participation and commitment of:

  • Asopadres Gimnasio de Los Cerros
  • Rincón Barón family from eighth grade A
  • Mercedez Benz
  • Chevrolett
  • Honda Automobiles
  • Hatsu Tea
  • Clonhadas LTDA
  • Puma
  • Santa Barbara Golf
  • Natalia Perdomo
  • Los Arrayanes Country Club
  • Federico Aycardi
  • Hole-in-1 driving range
  • 101 Park House
  • Plan Solutions
  • Cobra
  • Royal Prestige
  • Glausser Jewelry


  • Mentoring: Marco Tamayo and Fernando Salcedo
  • CAS students
  • The areas of the school: Pyrenees, Mom's Thursday, Extracurriculars and IB.


In this edition the winners were Carlos Pabón and Carlos Caicedo, who both, with their excellent participation, gave their all to win the IX Family Golf Tournament - Los Cerros Gymnasium Cup.

We extend our thanks to both golfers for their support and participation, understanding the idea that this event is as competitive as it is solidary. In addition, we highlight their participation as sponsors with the brand Clonhadas LTDA.


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