September 1 - 2021

New faces in the Cerros salons


Eight people arrive to reinforce the Los Cerros Gymnasium teaching team this academic year 2021-22. Capable, young, prepared and excited, they began their impact on the school and our students last August 9 from the classrooms and our outdoor spaces.

We talked about David Serrano Ariza, class of 2015, Philosophy teacher; María Catalina Valencia delgado, Level A teacher; Simón Martínez Escaño, class of 2017, Philosophy teacher; Ana Milena Vargas Villegas, Level A teacher; Fr. Luis Miguel Bravo Álvarez, school chaplain; Sandra Milena Estupiñán Parra, Level A teacher; Héctor Ricardo Linares Leguizamón, Physical Education teacher and Carolina Serrato Rodríguez, Level A teacher (from left to right in the photograph) who with innovative ideas, new methodologies and much love for the task of formation are already protagonists of the curricular reform we are working on.

We wish them much success in their noble craft with the certainty that they will honor the name and trajectory of Gimnasio de Los Cerros with the highest standard of quality and the deepest feeling of love and empathy of every great teacher.

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