July 12 - 2022

Cultural agenda returns to Los Cerros Gymnasium


We are returning to the creation of a cultural agenda at Gimnasio de los Cerros School, something that was stopped because of the pandemic. Now, with more freedom and pride, we can say that we are starting this cultural agenda with an Artistic and Musical Evening. This evening was made with the collaboration of the Mayor's Office of Bogota and the Philharmonic Youth Chamber Orchestra, in addition to the support of our graduates and their works of art.

Cerros cultural agenda - Evening

If you did not manage to join us on this evening, we will tell you how it went. First, we had the presentation of the Orchestra, being a Chamber Orchestra, the instruments are based on everything that contains a chamber for the sound, that is to say, guitar, violin and others. The interpretations were as extraordinary as emotional, usually we do not have the opportunity to hear an orchestra so close to us and with such power.

Author's songs and other artists' inspirations, our cultural agenda

Conductor Leonardo Federico Hoyos scared us when he told us to get ready to listen to his 24-minute score, which was scary at first, but then it went by so fast that we were left wanting more. It is worth mentioning the work of the violinists, who had an interesting impact.

After this interpretation we went directly to see the art gallery of our students and graduates, if you want to see some shots visit our previous ones. news where we show you more details about our cultural agenda.

Cerros cultural agenda - Evening



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