Family Testimonials

Los Cerros Gymnasium Family

Reasons why families choose us

At Gimnasio de Los Cerros we consider the family as a key point for the formation of our students, so we strive to foster a close and collaborative relationship between the family and the school. We are a community dedicated to providing a quality education and training our students in all areas of life. Here are some of the reasons why families choose us to educate their children.

Our approach as a school is not only limited to the integral development of the student, but also includes the active and conscious participation of the family in the education of their children. Therefore, our methodology includes sports, artistic, cultural and academic activities so that students can discover and develop their full potential, but also so that the family can be an active part of the educational process.

Family benefits

As part of the aforementioned, we have integrations, social gatherings, talks and other activities dedicated exclusively to the family. From Mondays for Dads and Thursdays for Moms, activities focused on the tastes of each parent, to integrations and gatherings where we look for the family to relate and engage with parents of the same courses.

At Gimnasio de Los Cerros we are not only concerned about the education of our students, but also about the well-being and integral formation of their families. We offer benefits such as a diploma course offered by the Family Institute of La Sabana University, a parenting school thanks to FAMOF and many integration activities with other families. In this way, our families can be sure that their children are receiving the best possible education and that they are also receiving support and valuable resources for the integral formation of their family.