May 7 - 2018

Los Cerros student wins prize in Literary and Artistic Contest Language Day 2018


In recent days, the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Cultural and Educational Center "Reyes Católicos" held the Literary and Artistic Contest Language Day 2018.

Alejandro Reyes Álvaro, a student of the Pre Bachillerato B class, won the prize in narrative in the Sixth and Seventh grade category with his story "Del Sofá a la Cama" (From the Sofa to the Bed), an amusing narration of the journey of a Saint Bernard dog and his friends, and the effort to achieve his longed-for wish: to lie down on his owner's bed.

More than 900 works, from numerous educational institutions throughout the country, were evaluated by the jury, chaired by His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain in Colombia and the writer Piedad Bonnett.

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