May 6 - 2019

Los Cerros student ranked second in the admission tests to the National University of Colombia.


Our student Daniel Pinedo Gonzalez, from the eleventh grade A, took the entrance exams to the National University of Colombia in recent days.

The tests administered by the University were attended by approximately  from 44,000 students from different schools in the country, who competed for one of the 4,200 places granted by the university.

Daniel, who has excelled in school for his discipline and excellent academic results, demonstrated all his knowledge in the tests, achieving a score of 1,006 out of a possible 1,100 points.With this excellent score, Daniel ranked second among all the applicants. It is worth noting that the highest historical score in the admission tests was 1,081 points.

We congratulate Daniel on this result and wish him every success in his professional and personal life!

Below, Daniel shares with us how he prepared for and experienced the admission tests.

How did you prepare for these tests?

I think that the most significant preparation for these tests was what the school gave me: everything I have learned and practiced in each of the subjects over the years. Although it also helped to have taken the "mock test" that the university offers on its web page

What is your opinion regarding these tests?

I think these tests were appropriate for their purpose, as they measured not only knowledge, but also "abilities" or "skills". In addition, I think they were well written, and not ambiguous, which sometimes happens with other tests. However, perhaps they could be improved with the inclusion of some open-ended questions, as they were all multiple choice.

What career are you going to study?


What experience did the tests leave you with?

I think the tryouts opened my eyes a little bit to what is to come with my college life: I saw a lot of people, from different backgrounds, all waiting for "a place". I see that college will not be easy and that it will not be without competition, but that, with hard work, I hope to do well. I also saw that I have to improve in "image analysis", especially in stereometry, an area in which, honestly, I did not do very well.

What advice would you give to your colleagues who are going to take these tests?

They should pay attention in class, study, do their work and homework conscientiously, trusting their teachers: they know what they are teaching. But they should also take the initiative: do something else, for example, the simulation.


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