December 3 - 2018

Tenth and eleventh grade students won silver and bronze medals in the National Chemistry Olympics.


As every year, students from Gimnasio de Los Cerros, accompanied by teacher Jaime Barinas, participated in the twenty-sixth National Chemistry Olympiad, organized by the National University of Colombia and the University of Antioquia.

The Olympics were held in mid-November at the facilities of these two important universities. More than 7,000 students from different educational institutions in the country participated.

It should be noted that these tests are presented by students with a high academic level; for this, our students prepared and gave their best to achieve the following medals.

National University Olympics: Daniel Pinedo González, from the Eleventh Grade A, silver medal; Juan Pablo Bonilla Bernal and José Gabriel Tovar Montaña, from Tenth Grade A, bronze medal.

Universidad de Antioquia: Juan Antonio Velázquez Tobón, from Eleventh A, fifth place, and Daniel Pinedo González, eighth place.

Thank you for representing and raising the name of Los Cerros!  

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