School transportation

Los Cerros has a comfortable and safe school transportation service for our students who reside in Bogotá and the municipalities of the Sabana (Chía and Cajicá).

School route

The school provides a service of school routes by the hand of a qualified and experienced human talent, as well as with a renewed and innovative fleet of vehicles, offering students a safe and quality mobilization.

We have more than 30 routes to ensure the school transportation of all our students, in addition to a satellite tracking system through the OnTrack platform so that parents can safely track their children's journeys.

Arrival time at the school is at 7:45 a.m. and departure on the routes is at 3:30 p.m.
school transportation

OnTrack platform for the transportation of Los Cerros

OnTrack is a platform that seeks to keep all parents informed regarding their children's journey.

Its operation is satellite-based and shows the real-time location of the route and its path.

OnTrack platform user's manual:

  • Download the app on any mobile device, preferably your personal device, to receive notifications on the status of your trip.
  • Access with the username and password provided by the Transportation Coordinator.
  • Check that the journey is proceeding normally and ensure that students have left the school route.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why personalized education?

At Los Cerros each student receives a unique and personalized treatment from our teachers and thanks to the teaching based on the person and basic competencies. In addition, each student has, from the moment he/she joins the school, a mentor who accompanies him/her and helps him/her throughout his/her school career.

Why differentiated education?

At Los Cerros we are committed to differentiated education as a way to make the personalization of education a reality, attending to our students according to their needs and characteristics. In this way, we promote an educational model that caters to the differences of each person in order to achieve a higher academic performance, a more complete and balanced personal development, and a real equality of opportunities.

It is one more educational option that enriches the freedom of education and the plurality of options available to families when choosing the type of education they prefer for their children. It has been adopted by countries such as Germany, the United States and Australia with the aim of improving academic and training results.

From what age can a child come to Los Cerros?

A child can attend Los Cerros as a student as young as 5 years old. We have a building exclusively for the youngest children, with a special arrangement with specific breaks and meal times for them.

The Level A stage covers the period from age 5 to age 8, when they enter Level B and continue through the entire school stage up to the eleventh year of Baccalaureate (18 years of age).

If I live far away, is there a route or bus option? What locations are covered by the routes? On the route do you travel safely and with responsible people?

Los Cerros has a comfortable and safe transportation service for our students residing in Bogotá and the Sabana municipalities (Chía and Cajicá).

The school provides a transportation service by the hand of a qualified and experienced human talent, as well as with a renewed and innovative fleet of vehicles, offering students a safe and quality transportation.

Is there self-catering or is it catered food?

Los Cerros has its own school restaurant service that offers a daily menu that meets the standards of nutritional balance and governed by the rules of food handling, with ingredients that go through a rigorous process that ensures a completely healthy food, in addition to having a competent and constantly trained staff to process food and always ready to serve our students.

In addition, our menu caters to special diets that include dietary restrictions.

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.