July 9 - 2022

Relive the Finalissima of Troncolandia in Los Cerros


They are not the best, but they always give us the most exciting and passionate matches. Eighth graders vs. ninth graders, a match for the ultimate glory and the Troncolandia trophy.

It was a very close match, Noveno dominated the whole game and pressed very high and prevented Octavo from getting out of their own half. Many chances, perhaps more than 10 shots on goal that were saved by the goalkeeper hit the post. The Ninth's bench and coaching staff were furious at the missed chances. Octavo, however, never gave up and with their style of play faithful to the catenaccio of the 70's, managed the occasional counterattack.

Troncolandia Los Cerros

Let's talk about the figures of each team, on the right flank, the winger of Noveno made the rival defenders look like ñicos, each incursion on that side generated danger and opportunities. From Octavo we highlight the defensive solidity of the right back, his clearances caused several counterattacks that were about to be a goal.

The match ended in nil-nil, straight to penalties, where Noveno managed to make the difference after 11 flawless kicks. That's how they took the glory of a great game.

Troncolandia in Los Cerros, what is it and why is it so popular?

Troncolandia is an alternate tournament to the Los Cerros Gymnasium soccer competition. Those who do not qualify as "the starting team" or "the good guys" put together their own team and compete among "trunks". It may sound cruel, but it is a very encouraging initiative of inclusion so that no one is left out.

This competition has become as interesting as watching the good guys, they are fun matches with a lot of passion. Thus we come to what we have today, a tournament with its own trophy full of symbolism and as relevant as all the other gold-plated ones.

Troncolandia Cerros

From this we are left with a valuable lesson within an educational system, inclusion, an engine of life for many people who are alone in their thoughts, something so valuable for society that we must promote it. Let's not leave anyone aside, we are all part of the same community, we are Familia Los Cerros.

Troncolandia Los Cerros

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