February 6 - 2023

Renewal of our quality certificate - EFQM - Gimnasio de Los Cerros


The Colombia Excelente Foundation, official representative for Colombia of the European Foundation for Excellence, renews the EFQM certification to Gimnasio de Los Cerros.

This recognition ratifies our commitment to educate better children and form better families.

At the ceremony, we received a few words from Paula Arboleda Bonnet, General Director of Colombia Excelente, highlighting our work for 14 consecutive years, certifying us in quality with EFQM and Colombia Excelente:

On behalf of the Colombia Excelente Foundation and the European Foundation for Excellence, please receive our most sincere congratulations for this international certification that Gimnasio de los Cerros receives today.

With the delivery of this seal of international recognition, I want to highlight the process of continuous improvement of the school that for approximately 14 years decided to take an innovative leap in the processes of continuous improvement of the institution and seek higher levels of excellence in the education of its students hand in hand with the EFQM model, welcoming the implementation of good business practices proven worldwide, with a view to a serious process of organizational change and transformation, hand in hand with Colombia Excelente. This decision speaks well of the innovative capacity of the Gymnasium as it decided to seek new management practices to form good citizens.

Since the beginning of this continuous improvement project with a new focus on institutional results, Cerros has developed competencies in collaborative leadership that have kept it faithful to its purpose and vision, empowering leaders at all levels of the institution, ensuring sound decision making and allowing projects undertaken at all levels to develop with the best results for all its stakeholders (students, families, faculty and staff, investors and regulators).

Continuous improvement which, as its name indicates, is a continuous and relentless work that allows educational institutions to develop in an effective, gradual, but above all sustainable way, competitive advantages focused on the generation of value for their students, all of the above endorsed by a world-class organization such as the European Foundation for Excellence EFQM.

The product of a school materializes in a well-formed student and this is achieved with a meaningful and relevant curriculum that helps the great human transformation, as the only way to change to achieve justice, peace and social development of our country.

Congratulations on this new international achievement.

Paula Arboleda
Chief Executive Officer
Colombia Excelente - EFQM Colombia


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