June 16 - 2022

Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession Prayers


First altar of Corpus Christi: Reception

  • Mom:

Lord Jesus, we cannot welcome you to our school because you are the Owner of the house and the owner is not welcomed. This is your House, Lord. Here, at the reception, the families are welcomed for the first time in Cerros. And so here, at this point, we want to begin to tell you that you are the Lord of our hearts.

Jesus, you know that this year has been special. We have returned to the presence after the time of pandemic, in which we have seen our faith and our perseverance put to the test. For this reason, Jesus, we have put all our love and effort into organizing this procession, because we need you, because we want to be with you.

We are very happy that you are leaving the Tabernacle to walk the halls of Cerros. We ask you to be the permanent companion of our families and our children. You know that you are not just one more in our homes and in our school: you are the most important person. Your presence, which we see hidden at this moment, is indispensable to walk as parents and transmitters of the faith.

We ask that we learn from your availability in the Tabernacle so that, through our vocation to marriage, our vocation to motherhood and fatherhood, we may know how to be a reflection of your love.

Second altar: Dining room

  • Student:

Here, between the dining hall and the coliseum, important moments of our life as students take place. Here we run, here we play, here we share food. Here, Lord, friendships are forged that will last a lifetime.

That is why, Jesus, we would like to tell you that you are, and we want you to always be, the most important friend in our lives. In our years as students we cultivated many friendships, but none as fundamental as yours, you are the friend who never fails.

You yourself, in the Host, remind us of when we were little and played hide and seek. Now the one who hides is You, in a little piece of Bread, and You want me to find You. Now that I see You here, I want to ask You for the grace to always be with You, I do not want anything to take me away from You, I do not want anything to take me away from You. I would like to love You as when I made my First Communion and counted the days to receive You. I want to be like little children who, although they are concentrated in their games, do not lose sight of their parents and do not know nor want to be without them for a second. I do not want to be without You. Thank You for remaining in the Eucharist for me. We ask that all of us in Cerros discover the blessing of having you so close to us every day. 

Third altar: Laboratory

  • Professor:

Lord Jesus, you are now in front of the laboratories, that place where the academic area of our school begins. From St. Josemaría we have learned to sanctify our work, trying to do it well and out of love. It is in these spaces, in these classrooms, that every day we seek to have that personal encounter with you. It is here that we can make real what the school's inspirer taught us, that an hour of study or work can be an hour of prayer.

Jesus, we ask you to bless all the teaching staff, the administrative staff, the directors, every person who works or has worked at Cerros. We thank you for the opportunity to work in a place where your Eucharistic presence is so close.

We would like to appreciate your love more and better, and to visit you more often, to thank you for walking beside us in every step we take.

Now, Jesus, we are about to return to the oratory, where you will once again hide in the tabernacle. We ask You, our Lord, that from now on our hearts be more alert, to discover Your presence in every corner of our school, especially from now on, because You have given us the gift of walking these corridors with us. We ask Our Lady and St. Joseph to give us the gift of their love for You, so that we may enjoy with them your Love in Heaven. Amen.

Corpus Christi procession at Gimnasio de Los Cerros school

If you want to know what our day was like, we invite you to visit the following link: https://www.loscerros.edu.co/?p=9771&preview=true

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