Let's raise better children, let's build better families.


School for parents

Parents are the protagonists in the education of their children. The school, through the Parents' School, provides them with tools to carry out this fundamental task. The programs are taught by allies and are designed to meet each of the developmental stages of their children.

Diploma in Family

The Diploma in Family Dynamics is taught by professors of the Family Institute of the Universidad de La Sabana. The objective is to contribute to the construction of healthy, strong and solid families that facilitate the education of children and the realization of the family project.


It has a duration of 120 hours and the sessions are held at the school library at two times: Fridays from 5:00 to 9:00 pm or Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. On Saturdays, free childcare is provided for the children.

FAMOF Courses

"Growing with the family for the family". FAMOF's mission is to generate dynamics that allow each person to discover and live the beauty of family life in an environment of friendship that promotes personal improvement.


To strengthen the marital relationship by exploring together topics such as family life and the education of children; to help children develop their full human potential through an education that meets today's challenges; to share experiences with other families who have the same concerns and to create bonds of friendship among the families participating in the courses, in order to form bonds of mutual help.


FAMOF is a real help to parents in their educational task, through family orientation courses, with the study of real cases and participative methodology. Each course consists of five plenary sessions that take place at the school, preceded by an individual study, in pairs and in small teams of each of the cases.


Married Love I, II and III
First Steps
First Conversations
First Letters
First Decisions
Role of the Parent and Grandparents

Other programs

Colectivo Aquí y Ahora is a program to prevent the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances, seeking to develop skills in children that become protective factors and preventive actions in the consumption of these substances. It is developed through conferences for students, parents and teachers.
Protege Tu Corazón is an educational program that aims to strengthen the character of children, a fundamental means to realize themselves as individuals, and to integrate responsible sexuality into their lives. It is developed through conferences - workshops for students, parents and teachers.

Family counseling

It is a tool that allows families to face in a positive and assertive way the different challenges that may arise throughout life. It is a completely confidential process, and is attended by professors-counselors of the Instituto de La Familia of the Universidad de La Sabana..