July 7 - 2022

Our year of transition to face-to-face training at Los Cerros ends with biosafety


These have been complicated times, the pandemic hit hard and our work as educators was forced to be completely transformed. Since 2020, virtuality was the norm, every class was conducted through our computers and human contact was lost little by little. Fortunately, our agility and collaboration on biosafety issues helped us to return to face-to-face teaching completely this year.

At the beginning of 2022 we could already see the light at the end of the tunnel, all our students had the chance to return to their school, the one with a large green space where they could run and have fun with their friends once again. At the end of this academic year, we had the opportunity to take off our masks and put aside that black stage of our history.

Presentiality in Los Cerros, an achievement of all in biosafety

Thanks to our biosecurity measures and, especially, to the collaboration and judgment of all members of the community, the standards were met and we had a very safe place to study.

It is with this in mind that we bid farewell to this academic year, full of activities that restart their on-site activity after years. Events such as the artistic and musical evening, the presentation of Father Luis Miguel's book or our cultural events such as the English Day or the cultural week.

What is coming is exciting, many activities, new challenges; we have the conviction to improve with each passing year, and this year is no exception. By the way, when they arrive there will be interesting changes in our structure.

Some portraits of what we experienced this year:

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