Our Solidarity Program - Los Cerros Gymnasium

A full personal life involves the positive development of the environment and those around us, especially those most in need. At Los Cerros we try to help various groups in society and, in our interaction with them, we encourage the habit of solidarity in each person of the educational community.

This is made concrete with the activities derived from our solidarity project, which is a pedagogical strategy that promotes the analysis and visibility of the challenges of local, national and global development, opening spaces that facilitate the design and implementation of social promotion projects, creating personal bonds that transcend over time.

Los Cerros Gymnasium social projects

Among the different lines of action of this project are:

-- The social projects deployed in the hiking and expeditions plan, promoted by the students of each course and their families.
-- Calendar of institutional campaigns for the promotion of social development in our city.
      - Support for the Fundación Provida for senior citizens.
      - Donation of desserts and sweets to Fundación Misión Colombia for the celebration of Children's Day.
      - Canstruction, a creative project to collect canned goods for the Food Bank.
      - Arbol Solidario, a campaign to collect clothes and shoes for the Funtravidi Foundation, which helps children in the El Codito neighborhood in Bogota.
      - Donation of school supplies to the Funtravidi Foundation, which helps children in the El Codito neighborhood in Bogota.
      - Cerros encarretado, a project that supports the families of the Asociación de Recicladores de Bogotá.
      - Share Food Cerros, play day and food festival for children and their families of the Funtravidi Foundation.

-- Challenges that are proposed monthly so that each person in the educational community can practice, in a concrete way, the spirit of service in their daily lives.