Our International Experience

How students at the Los Cerros Gymnasium experience internationalization
At Gimnasio de Los Cerros we are committed to the global education of our students. We believe that international experience is a fundamental part of a well-rounded education, as it allows them to develop intercultural skills, learn new languages, broaden their worldview and grow as individuals.

That is why in our school we encourage the internationalization of our students through different programs, one of which is the exchange program to Canada.
Exchanges to Canada: a unique opportunity for our students
Each year, Los Cerros offers its students the opportunity to participate in an academic and cultural immersion with Canadian schools. During the exchange, students attend regular classes at the host school, live with a Canadian family and experience the Canadian culture and lifestyle.

This exchange program is a unique opportunity for our students to develop their fluency in English and learn first-hand about a different culture and enrich their vocabulary. In addition, those who participate in the program return with a broader global perspective and increased self-confidence.

International experience: stays of teachers from Gimnasio de Los Cerros in other countries
At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, the commitment to internationalization goes beyond the students. As part of our Educational Project, one of our objectives is to provide a quality education with a global perspective.

Some of the teachers participate in conferences or short stays in educational centers in other countries to learn about current pedagogical methods and exchange experiences with teachers from all over the continent.
The importance of internationalization in the integral education of our students
At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, we believe that internationalization is key to form young leaders, capable of developing in an increasingly globalized and diverse world. The international experience we offer our students not only provides them with a quality education, but also allows them to acquire intercultural skills that will be useful in their personal and professional lives.