September 14 - 2022

New teachers at the Los Cerros Gymnasium


Every year we have the challenge of advancing and improving our educational purpose, for this, the incorporation of new teachers is fundamental. It's not just about filling a position, it's about finding the best professionals to train our students. It's time to introduce them to you:

María Camila Acosta Rojas y Angie Alejandra Franco Piñeros (Transition)

School teachers - Gimnasio de Los Cerros Gymnasium

The youngest students are the ones who require the most attention and care, so Angie and Camila join as interns to learn and teach.

Josemaría Jaramillo Gómez (Mentor, Religion and Cinematography)

Los Cerros Gymnasium Teachers

Josemaría graduated from the National Film School in 2021, worked with director Iván Gaona in 2019, and that same year, taught at Fundación Colombia Dream in a rehabilitation center. At the school he will teach religion, mentoring and filmmaking.

Juan José Zapata Franco (Natural Sciences)

Los Cerros Gymnasium Teachers

Juan José is a Chemical Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes with a Master's degree in Education from the Universidad Pedagógica; he has 7 years of teaching experience in the area of natural sciences, physics, chemistry and biology. In his free time he is dedicated to hiking and his ideal is to know all the Natural Parks of Colombia.

Cristian Camilo Jurado Rodríguez (English)

Los Cerros Gymnasium Teachers

Camilo Jurado graduated from Universidad El Bosque with a Bachelor's degree in Bilingual Education with emphasis in English. He studied gastronomy at the International Polytechnic. He has
Courses in Pedagogy and Entrepreneurship, in addition to a course at Harvard: The art of persuasive writing and public speaking. She worked at Aspaen Alcazares and CAFAM University as an English teacher.

Edwart Andrey Casallas Pulido (Social)

Los Cerros Gymnasium Teachers

Edwart is a philosopher from Universidad de La Sabana and a Master's student in Theology at the same university. He has worked as a professor of social studies and philosophy in several institutions in Bogotá, Zipaquirá and Chía.


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