May 30 - 2016

Los Cerros took first place in the Chemistry and Physics competition.


On April 14 and 15, the Los Cerros Gymnasium participated in the Physics and Chemistry contest organized by the Andean Association of International Baccalaureate Schools AACBI. The competitions were held at the Gimnasio Femenino and Gimnasio del Norte, respectively.

Nine AACBI member schools attended this important event. The most outstanding were: in Physics, Gimnasio Femenino, third place; Victoria School, second place, and Gimnasio de Los Cerros, first place. In Chemistry, the honor roll was as follows: Gimnasio Mayor de Los Andes, third place; Gimnasio del Norte, second place; and, in first place, Gimnasio de Los Cerros.

"We learned from the physics competition how to work as a team. We learned how important unity among people is to reach a common goal. By being able to work as a team, first we realized that the work becomes easier when it is distributed among several people. Second: if you don't have a clear topic, a colleague can explain it without any problem; and third: the triumphs with several people or in a group are much better than the individual ones. After all, the saying ends up being true: "There is strength in numbers", and between several people you can achieve something amazing.

We also discovered that sciences are not bad, they are not boring, they always have their stone in the shoe; but, after all, they have thousands of fun and interesting things. The only thing you have to put in is the effort and love to get them right and end up being interesting.

That was another factor we discovered: when you have the willingness, the determination, the spirit and the desire to do something, everything will turn out perfectly, it will turn out well, because that is the only thing a person needs: love and the desire to do something. It was not only in the Physics contest that we came in first place, but also in Chemistry: this shows that everyone is capable of being successful in science. This goes out to students who don't feel good about science: don't let yourselves fall so easily, you have to fight and work hard; after the sacrifice comes the reward," said Agustín Castaño, a member of the Physics group.

Congratulations to the eleventh grade students who represented the school in this activity.

Physics Group


In the photo, from left to right: Javier Isaza De Larrañaga, Agustín Castaño Rodríguez; Luis Alfonso Castillo Muñoz, Physics teacher; Juan Pablo Vanegas Correa and Juan Diego Bencardino Perdomo.



Chemistry Group


From left to right: Juan Sebastián Rubiano Chona, José Alejandro Cifuentes Roldán; Jaime Orlando Barinas Olaya, Chemistry professor; Nicolás Alberto Cáceres Acosta, Juan Alberto Herrera Jiménez and Juan Carlos Chaves Matiz.

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