October 1 - 2020

Faith in quarantine


"Somehow we are sowing the seed of faith in our children," says Valeria Pimiento, mother of Alejandro Campo, a first-year student, referring to how even in the virtual world, her son has been able to be in contact with God.

Contact that Alejandro has enjoyed in the talks and religion classes: "What I like most about God is praying to Him because I know that He can help me to do things right". Aníbal Valencia Ospina, chaplain of the Los Cerros Gymnasium, validates this aspect when he says that "faith is man's response to God".

In the same way, Father Valencia explains the omnipresence of God in this quarantine: "God has an ordinary way of working through the sacraments, which are sensitive signs and which have been established by Jesus Christ to pour God's grace on people. This is the ordinary way, but God is not tied to these sacraments, God continues to act even in these circumstances".

On the other hand, Father Valencia also proposes a new way to face the return to the churches: "it would be nice in this new normality to rediscover the sacraments".

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