Internationalization in the Los Cerros Gymnasium

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In a world with strong social, cultural and economic exchanges, it is necessary to develop social integration skills among citizens of multiple nationalities.

This is concretized in the life of the school in the following way:


Our students, upon completion of the bilingualism process, are competent users with the ability to understand different texts, express themselves fluently and spontaneously in oral and written form, and to perform fluently in any social, academic or work situation.

This learning takes place as follows:
Emphasis on public speaking (listening and speaking) at A Level with an hourly intensity of 80 % in transition; 63 % in first; 63 % in second and 73 % in third, as well as a permanent exposure to the English language outside the classroom.
Development of the reading and writing process in English (writing and reading) at Level B, with an hourly intensity of 50% in fourth grade; 50 % in fifth grade; 50 % in Pre-baccalaureate and 49 % in sixth grade.
Improvement of the four communication skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking) from 7th to 11th grade with an hourly intensity of 32 % on average according to the choices made by the students.
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Immersion program in Canada

The students, for eight weeks, with the communicative tools they have acquired at school, participate in the academic life of a Canadian school and are immersed in an English-speaking culture. They stay with host families or in student residences.

Participation in UN and Euromodel International Models

Students who represent the school at the United Nations Delegation, in addition to participating in local and national models, have the opportunity to be part of the team that goes from the school to the international models. We have participated in models in Harvard, New York, Chicago, Boston and Brussels.

International Baccalaureate.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an organization with a presence in more than 150 countries, with more than 5,000 associated schools, that seeks to educate well-rounded individuals who can face today's challenges with optimism and an open mind. 

The Diploma program, in grades 10 and 11, prepares for the future by developing a mindset of inquiry in students, fostering a desire to learn, and preparing them to excel in their career paths to contribute to a better world..

The curriculum is made up of the common core and six groups of subjects.

The Common Core is comprised of three components, aims to broaden students' educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills.

The three core components are as follows:
  • Theory of Knowledge, in which the students will reflect on the nature of the knowledge and its processes of constructionthrough exercises of argumentation.
  • The Monograph is a work of research independent y directed by the own student which culminates in a 4,000-word essay. She is advised by teachers from the school who have the knowledge for this accompaniment.
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), which promotes creativity, activity and personal initiative of students in the management of your free time around specific projects that enhance their personal development and interpersonal, collaborating with others for the common good.

    • These are the six groups of subjects:
      Group 1. Language and Literature Studies - Group 2. Language Acquisition - Group 3. Individuals and Corporations - Group 4. Science - Group 5. Mathematics - Group 6. Arts

Each group comprises different subjects and students choose one subject from each group. Up to four of them can be taken at the Higher Level, which means a greater breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills.

At the end of the process, depending on their scores, students obtain a diploma that certifies the process and the grades obtained in the selected subjects. This diploma is recognized in national and foreign universities both for admission processes and for scholarship awarding criteria.

The IB program prepares students very well for university and working life in a global world.