November 30 - 2021

In memory of our professor, colleague and friend Jorge Cifuentes Soto


By Asopadres

Memory is the capacity we have as human beings to evoke information from the past. In this effort to keep memories alive, when we know that we will no longer see a friend, family member or colleague, we appeal to his vivid image to be reproduced thanks to his gestures, words and personality. Therefore, the best way to remember a nice Jorge Cifuentes, "Jorgito", will be to pay tribute to him, as we knew him: cheerful, companion, responsible, respectful and supportive.

May this textual wall where his friends and colleagues express the joy of knowing him, serve us to tell him: see you soon, "Jorgito". Thank you for everything!

"Remembering Jorge, all his witticisms come to my mind, which produced joy and sympathy. He was a very jocular man, who saw life with the eyes of joy. For every occasion, he had a joke that at times was not without its mischievousness. He will remain in my mind as a great friend, a responsible and committed teacher who strove to fulfill every last one of his responsibilities. He gave himself to his family and his work in an exemplary and passionate way. Farewell, "Jorgito", my friend. I will always remember you". John Beltran, A level coordinator.

"Jorgito: my dear friend. For 27 years, you were that warrior of letters and knowledge that accompanied me along the paths of teaching. Your expertise, together with my common sense, allowed us to lead that great battle that learning the written language demanded from us day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. We never stopped or gave up, because we had to save those wounded in combat that nobody wanted to help. We resuscitated them from ignorance and gave them back their taste for reading. Today, you have a room in Heaven, full of celestial "Nacho" primers, which will allow all the illiterate who arrive there to continue learning. Cheer them up with your jokes, with that fine humor that always characterized you. Farewell, dear friend: remember to reserve a room for me there with the letter B, since, as always, you took the one with the letter A, until the day of your departure". Emilio Penagos, course director.

"After 3 weekends of defeat and disappointment, his soul team on Sunday had a surprise in store for "George"... a resounding 3-1 win, triggering an effusive greeting on Monday: - "How did Luchitooooo see it, -That's all you can do, we beat the one who was hahaha!"

It was no wonder: as an omen, the blue and blues played a game that, in their own words, was "the best in years, it didn't look like Colombian soccer" (laughs).

On Tuesday, as technical director, he taught strategy to his Minions before the start of the semifinal. Jorge left happy, he left a winner because he saw the capital city team win on the road and with a full house; and then, he left his team in the final.

But it is only one facet. Jorge was music, art, wine, travel, good food and not even a "prof" but a teacher, the one who received me in Cerros, one of those who do not talk so much because they teach by example.

Sad, because his vitality made us think of Jorge for years to come.

Sad to suddenly leave the ranks of a fellow soldier. And sadder still to have said the last goodbye to a friend with a simple clash of knuckles imposed by the pandemic and not with the strong handshake he used to give". Farewell, "George"! Luis Edgar Jimenez, group director.

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