February 1 - 2022

In memory of Mario Ernesto Pérez Mesa


It is never easy to deal with the future, most of the time it runs over us and we lose the ability to live in the present. When a loved one goes to heaven, all we want to do is to give back the time and remember the good times. Therefore, the best way to remember an old friend is to harvest the fruits that he himself, with his efforts, sowed here at school. From today and forever, we will have the certainty that Mario helped to build a space full of reflection and learning for everyone.

From 1974 to 1980, he accompanied us as director of Cerros Estudios Nocturnos. But not only that, his link with the school began in 1972 as a teacher of Spanish, French and philosophy classes. He was a very valuable academic, he contributed several series of texts on religion and, completing his spirit of learning, he was a member of the Colombian Academy of Language.

His six children graduated from Cerros more than 40 years ago. Full of memories, today, his son Mario Ernesto is grateful for all that education brought to his life:

"He always maintained a deep gratitude to ASPAEN, the Universidad de la Sabana and Opus Dei for having collaborated in an important way to develop his vocation as an educator and to allow his six sons to receive an education of the highest quality at the Gimnasio de los Cerros; and for the human and spiritual formation he acquired, which he transmitted to his children so that they would be good citizens and excellent human beings".

Of course, we are leaving behind a great human being, with a religious spirit and a passion for wisdom. This will be our last farewell, but what he helped to build for more than 50 years will always remain with us.

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