June 1 - 2017

Important results of Cerros students in various sports competitions


At the end of the school year, our students continue to give their best in order to obtain good results in the different national sports competitions.

In the intercollegiate Supérate 2017 tests, which took place from May 24 to 26, student Santiago Montes Solarte, from the Eighth Grade B, was crowned champion in the Juvenile category; likewise, in the Pre-Child category, students Felipe Andrés Fajardo and Juan Felipe Vargas Bernal, from the Pre-Baccalaureate A course, stood on the podium, taking second and third place, respectively.

To close with a flourish the participations in Table Tennis, Nicolás Tauta Tamayo, from Quinto C, took first place in this category. Tauta, who also participated in the South American Table Tennis Championship, placed third in this important event, which gathers the best representatives of this sport.

On the other hand, the ACN (Asociación de Colegios del Norte) organized, from May 16 to 19, the final of the chess tournament at the Emilio Valenzuela School. Los Cerros, on the other hand, had the participation of 6 students in the pre-infantile and juvenile categories, obtaining the following results: Juan Felipe López Sánchez, from the Fifth C course, Gold medal; Santiago Pérez Barajas, from Pre-baccalaureate A, Silver medal; Bryan Ortiz Correa, from Ninth A, fourth place, and Santiago Porras Lenguas, from Seventh A, fifth place.

Continuing with chess, in recent days, the school Alessandro Volta, invited several students to the internal tournament. Santiago Porras, who won fourth place, Bryan Ortiz Correa, third place, and Juan Felipe Lopez Sanchez, sub champion of the event, participated in the tournament. It is worth mentioning the important work of the Extracurricular activities at Los Cerros, as it provides the opportunity to take advantage of free time and thus focus the student on his or her favorite sport.

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