April 25 - 2017

Gimnasio de Los Cerros ranked second in national chemistry, physics and mathematics tests


The contest, organized by the AACBI (Andean Association of International Baccalaureate Schools), was held on March 30 at the facilities of the Women's Gymnasium. There, students demonstrated their good academic level and obtained the second place in each of the tests.

In Mathematics, Professor Álvaro Guzmán accompanied students Nicolás Fajardo and Daniel Felipe Peña, 11B; in Chemistry, Professor Jaime Barinas was in charge of students Nicolás Fajardo Ramírez, 11B; Santiago Giraldo Botero and Fabrizio Lucero Fernández, 11A; Juan Sebastián Martín Torres and Juan Andrés Betancourt Acosta, 10A. Also, in Physics, Professor Luis Alfonso Castillo Muñoz with students Felipe Gómez Jasbón, Rodrigo Hernández Vanegas, Daniel Felipe Peña Vera, Juan Esteban Sánchez Sierra and Juan Carlos Suárez Jaimes, from the 11B course. Together with them, students from 10 schools affiliated to the association.

Los Cerros Gymnasium has always been in the top places: in 2013, it took second place; in 2014, first place; in 2015, third place; and, in 2016, first place.

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