May 30 - 2016

Gimnasio de Los Cerros presents the "Order of Merit" award to the students.


IMG_8920Last March, a delegation of 10 students and a teacher participated in the Model United Nations, held in New York City. There, they won the award for "Best Foreign Delegation".

For this reason, in a special academic ceremony held on April 18, the ORDER OF MERIT GIMNASIO DE LOS CERROS was awarded. This decoration is awarded to those members of the educational community who, for their good performance, manage to leave the name of the institution high.

"In this event we want to recognize the special work performed by a group of students of the school and the teacher who has guided them in this process, which culminated with the distinction at the United Nations as the most outstanding foreign delegation, among approximately 3,500 students from around the world," said the rector Eduardo Manrique Andrade, who congratulated the entire educational community, especially the winners and their families.

On behalf of the delegation, student Leonardo Fernandez said the following "I have always believed in the power of the word as a tool that God has given us to change our environment, to give a solution to our problems and so that we can, day by day, be more human. The ability to communicate is a unique characteristic of human beings, which gives us full freedom to act, give our opinion and speak about whatever we want, whenever we want to do it. Today, I do not want to come to you with yet another speech that simply gives thanks for what has already happened and does not mean anything for our future. Every little opportunity that comes our way in life is, without a doubt, transcendental for our future. That is why what is happening today is the consequence of a correct decision which, at the same time, is an immense challenge for the future.

Following the academic ceremony, the honorees and their families shared anecdotes and experiences from their participation in the Model United Nations.

Around noon, a special lunch was offered to the students, special guests, parents, directors, teachers and other members of the educational community.

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