May 13 - 2022

General conference of women teachers, back to the classroom at Los Cerros


Finally, after two years of pandemic, we had the joy of receiving the teachers and directors of some of our kindergarten friends from Bogota, who accompanied us with great enthusiasm, happy to meet again in person.

In this case, with a wonderful conference given by Dr. Paola Arbeláez, an expert in emotion management and the management of individual differences in the classroom. In this opportunity we highlight the educational and formative work of each of them in early childhood, as the most valuable contribution to the harmonious development of society.

Teachers and gardens are with us once again

As usual, in the Gimnasio de Los Cerros school We have always tried to stay close to the gardens and the Iragua Gymnasium; our purpose is to form and create an educational environment by developing excellence based on values, which we share with the teachers who accompanied us.

We were accompanied by teachers from gardens such as: Atavanza, Kinabalu, Dreams, Crecemos, Black & WhiteDream Home by Creatyvia, Stanford, La Casita de Totó, Blancanieves, KSI Kid's. Thank you very much for coming and for continuing to build a better future for Colombia.

Teachers - Conference - Colegio Los Cerros


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