January 1 - 1970

Gallery: Second in El Cañón de la Serpiente, La Calera


On November 25 and 26, our second grade students embarked on an expedition to the Serpiente Canyon in La Calera. There were 34 expedition members who went into a natural environment to live and share an unforgettable adventure.

Outdoor experiences are learning activities that motivate children to actively engage with their environment and their peers. On the journey, they forayed through the Teusacá River in order to traverse El Cañón de la Serpiente, learning about the source and mouth of the planet's waterways. The experience also included some physical activity with a trekking and the exploration of the fauna and flora of the landscape.

During the tour, the participants also enjoyed a camping trip during which they took part in a workshop on the assembly and disassembly of tents.

During the trip, the expedition members had a base camp. In this place, recreational activities were developed through games, challenges and team challenges. There, they also developed exciting night activities, such as hiking in the surroundings of the camp and the stories told in the tree house.

At the end of the expedition, we attended a cultural exchange with the youth of the local school. In this space, the hikers not only played, but also met their peers from the El Líbano school, learned about their realities, shared refreshments and exchanged gifts. We gave them a school kit and they gave us plants.

The excursion was an opportunity for everyone to learn and understand the different natural and social realities that exist in our country. The experiential learning coordinated by Pyrenees is presented in a satisfactory way to the hikers who are aware and eager to take care of the planet.

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