April 21 - 2021

Gallery: Los Cerros, champions in solidarity


Last December 2020 we had our usual year-end Christmas Bonus where families and collaborators of Gimnasio de Los Ceros had the opportunity to donate some money to support the Scholarship Fund, a project that seeks to help families with economic difficulties to afford quality education for their children, and the Solidarity Fund, a set of social initiatives to positively impact different foundations in Bogota and its surroundings.

We were happy to support the Fundación Infantes Misioneros with an arepa laminating machine. This will represent an extra income so that they can continue to provide hope to children and young people through musical teachings.

On the other hand, a few months ago, the Ecosueños Foundation, a protection home for vulnerable children, suffered an electrical overload that damaged the facilities of the house. A few days ago, and with great joy, we brought them, on behalf of all Cerros, some materials for the electrical remodeling of the Foundation.

Two other foundations benefited from the Cerros family's generous donations: Hogar San Francisco de Asís, a geriatric home, and Fundación Humedales Bogotá, promoters of tree planting and plantations. Respectively, we were able to donate a new computer to the first non-profit organization, which will connect grandparents with their families virtually, while the second foundation was supported with a tent that will provide shade and security during their outdoor activities.

We would like to thank all those who made this gesture of solidarity possible. The contribution of each of the participants in the Bono Navideño is an example of the generosity, empathy and spirit of solidarity that we teach our students every day.



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