October 22 - 2021

Banco de Alimentos was awarded the Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Award


The Food Bank, one of our great allies to live solidarity at school, celebrates 20 years feeding the most vulnerable. In addition, the Sociedad de Mejoras y Ornato de Bogotá awarded them with the Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Award in recognition of their social work to ensure food security for the most vulnerable families in our country and their effective response to the health crisis caused by the pandemic.

"This award is very significant because it invites us to continue uniting many people. I am sure that in this city there are more people who can help than those who need it. We need to continue telling this story to add many and gladden the hearts of those who, being generous, will benefit themselves, with these gestures," commented Father Daniel Saldarriaga Molina, executive director of the Food Bank.

Finally, Fr. Saldarriaga closed his speech with a strong message to achieve food security: "Generosity is the vaccine against the virus of hunger".

From the Los Cerros Gymnasium we are happy and congratulate the Food Bank for its remarkable work against hunger and we endorse our closeness and unconditional support for the organization.


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