August 2 - 2017

First meeting of graduates class of 2015


On June 21, the meeting of the graduates of the 2015 graduating class was held at the Los Cerros Gymnasium. This integration was made possible thanks to the work of "Alumni Cerros", who is in charge of maintaining an active relationship between the school and the alumni through reunions and integrations.

The reunion was also attended by graduates from abroad: Jaime Andrés Arciniegas, based in the United States; Santiago Gómez Jasbón, Spain; Nicolás Henao Romero, Canada; Nelson David Rojas Ortega, England; Juan Pablo Vallejo, Australia, who shared various academic experiences from their different universities, as well as the degree they received in Performance obtained by Jaime Andrés Arciniegas Daza, at the "University of North Carolina at Charlotte".on May 27.

We congratulate our graduates and wish them success in their professional lives!

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