February 3 - 2022

AACBI Monographs Fair, a great success


Last Friday, January 21, the Los Cerros Gymnasium hosted and organized the XXIV AACBI Monograph Fair at the Universidad de La Sabana.

The fair was attended by more than 1405 students from the following schools 43 best IB International Baccalaureate schools. On this occasion, the Gimnasio de Los Cerros, in conjunction with the Universidad de La Sabana, organized and presented this important activity for students who are in the process of monographs.

The fact that there is a monograph fair means that every student who attends, whether virtual or face-to-face, is intensively briefed to strengthen knowledge and skills. research. In addition, it helps young people to know how to investigate and reflect on the topics covered, which will accompany them in their university and professional life.

But what is a monograph? Basically, and without getting into technicalities, a monograph is a scholarly text that addresses a specific topic, based solely on research.. This means that our 42 tenth grade students who attended the event are forging a very important skill for their future.

According to Professor César Romero, "this work prepares them for the research process, which leaves them in a position of being able to highly advantageous position for their future in academic work at the university". In addition, the implementation of this learning will become a great ally for their future creative jobs.




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