Cerros Nativo

Environmental education at Los Cerros Gymnasium

We understand the world as a gift entrusted to man for its conservation, care and development, in pursuit of the common good and the transcendent fulfillment of the human person. Each person in the educational community incorporates this conviction into his or her life, through the strategies of our environmental awareness training plan.

This is made concrete with the activities derived from the School Environmental Project, PRAE, which is a pedagogical strategy that promotes the analysis and understanding of environmental challenges and generates spaces for participation to design and implement concrete solutions.

Lines of action of the environmental education project:

- Calendar of institutional campaigns to mitigate the environmental impact of our community to recover, conserve and improve the ecosystem.
- Challenges that are proposed on a monthly basis so that each person in the educational community incorporates good environmental practices in their daily lives:
- Reducing its carbon footprint by rationalizing the consumption, use and reuse of resources.
- Home garden.
- Reforestation in areas other than the school.

Green initiatives at Los Cerros Gymnasium

For the development of these initiatives, the school has instruments to support them:

Environmental Management Fund
which is funded with a percentage of the savings derived from the environmental mitigation strategies of the school's operation:

Solar panels - Recycling - Use of organic waste for composting - Reuse of rainwater - Energy and water-saving devices - Energy and water saving devices
Reduction in the use of physical books
Environmentally sustainable architecture
School garden and forest nursery
Alliance with the forest reserve of the aqueduct