December 12 - 2016

In Los Cerros, we celebrate the beginning of Christmas 2016 with Christmas concerts.


From November 30 to December 5, the Los Cerros Gymnasium held Christmas concerts as a preamble to the most beautiful time of the year, full of good wishes, joy and peace.

During the four days, there were musical presentations from the Seventh to Eleventh grades; in addition, the Transition to Fifth grades made their dance and song presentations, as well as the Symphonic Band with the best of their Christmas repertoire, receiving much applause from the public attending the event. But we cannot leave behind the presentation of "Los Carteros", a short play with the characteristic seal of Los Cerros, which tells the brief story of the setback experienced by some letter carriers, missed by technology, who have to accept that no one writes letters to the child God anymore, and their noble profession, once valued, is on the way to extinction.

On the other hand, on December 5, at the end of the Christmas Concert, we raffled the spectacular Nissan March 2017 (top prize) and the Real Madrid shirt, autographed by James Rodriguez (second prize), which were already delivered to the respective winning families. We thank the entire educational community for acquiring the Donation Vouchers, the proceeds of which from 100% will be contributed to the Scholarship Fund.

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