Los Cerros Gymnasium presents its new facilities

Access ramps: promoting inclusion and accessibility
Inclusion and accessibility are fundamental values in our institution, which is why we have installed access ramps in the school to facilitate the mobility of our entire school community. In this way, our students with physical disabilities can move more easily and safely through our facilities.

In addition, the access ramps also promote an inclusive and accessible environment for our entire school community, from students and teachers to visitors.
Cerros Media: a radio booth for creativity and communication
Cerros Media is one of the school's newest additions, a fully equipped radio booth that fosters the creativity and communication skills of our school community. Here, students have the opportunity to produce and record their own content, including radio programs and podcasts, among other audiovisual projects.

In addition, Cerros Media is an excellent opportunity for students to learn technical and audiovisual production skills, regardless of their school level.

This space was sponsored by Asopadres, the parents' association. In this process, they supported by equipping the cabin with professional elements that will serve to better prepare our students.
Snack Lounge: a space for socializing and wellbeing
The Snack Lounge is another of our new facilities, designed to provide a space for relaxation, socialization and wellness for our entire school community. It is a comfortable and cozy space where students can enjoy a snack, rest between classes or socialize with their classmates.

The Snack Lounge aims to promote the emotional and physical well-being of our educational community, as well as to encourage interaction and socialization among students and teachers.
New classrooms for Level A: a modern and welcoming educational space
Finally, at the Los Cerros Gymnasium we have also inaugurated new classrooms for Level A. These classrooms are designed to provide a modern, comfortable and welcoming educational space for our youngest students.

The new classrooms feature state-of-the-art technology, comfortable and age-appropriate furniture, and are decorated with playful and colorful designs that stimulate the creativity and learning of our youngest students.