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Pyrenees: Coordination of Experiential Learning

Coordination of experiential learning

The school has an Experiential Learning Coordination (Pyrenees), which has six work fronts: treks, expeditions, summer camps, social work, training of facilitators and the Project Management Office. 

The program for each of them takes into account 5 dimensions of personal development:

Spiritual. We strengthen our Christian identity according to the spirit of our educational community.

Values. We support the formation of our nine institutional values.

Sustainability. We generate awareness to recognize the world as a gift.

Technique. We develop in camping and outdoor living techniques to be a responsible traveler.

Social. We learn through service to others..


Outings to nature in relevant destinations of our national geography, with a duration of between 1 and 4 days, progressively as the student increases in age and grade.
We work each of the programs independently, developing different skills, competencies and values around 5 dimensions: spiritual, social, sustainability, technical, values.

We take advantage of the many options offered by the city and its periphery to go on walks during the day and get to know the different ecosystems that surround us. They have a direct connection with the curriculum, which allows us to complement the work in the classroom.

PMO (Project management office)

Our project office functions as an open classroom where students can propose different initiatives of a cultural, academic, social or sports nature and take them forward by learning about project management.


It is a summer camp modality, where participants live during a non-residential period of time (they do not sleep on site) a safe, adventurous, fun and challenging personal growth experience.
Particularly, in a Day Camp, you arrive at a site early in the morning, and spend the day doing outdoor activities, in contact with nature, where physical activity, sports, art and music are the protagonists.
At the end of the day, the children return to their homes to spend the night, rest and prepare for the next day's adventure.

It is a learning space with students who are interested in developing leadership skills and how to apply them positively to others.
Our contents are focused on summer camps. In this way, students are prepared to be part of the staff where, accompanied by a management team with experience in this type of program, they develop the whole concept and carry it out by putting into practice the tools learned.

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