December 6 - 2021

Debate and learning, the two premises of CERMUN VI of Los Cerros


The sixth edition of our Model United Nations Gimnasio de Los Cerros, which took place on December 3, 4 and 5, was a success. With this edition, in addition to learning new positions on global realities, we returned to the classroom and were able to share a space for learning, debate and opinion with 250 students from 10 different schools.x

The topics discussed in this edition focused on reinforcing the participants' critical sense of social, political and economic conflicts, while simulations of situations based on films and investigative committees based on fictitious history were carried out. Among the eight topics discussed were:

  1. Post-pandemic sustainable economic recovery
  2. Environmental awareness, climate change and development of sustainable technologies
  3. Strengthening the role of democracy and citizen participation
  4. Gender equality in the child custody context
  5. Trafficking of illicit substances and risks to international security
  6. The impact of tax reforms in Colombian territory
  7. Public financing of political campaigns
  8. Mass legal firearms possession among the Colombian population

One of the pillars of the Model United Nations is the staging of complicated cases with opposing opinions, which seeks to strengthen the argumentative capacity of young people and their investigative skills.

Mariana Velez, a tenth grade student from the guest school Gimnasio Los Caobos representing the United States as a delegate on the Gulf of Guinea issue, comments: "I was able to learn that the problem is not only drug trafficking or human trafficking, the problem comes from a failed state or the neglect of the international community. Things that help us understand more about the context of the situation".

Los Cerros Gymnasium can be fully satisfied with the realization of the first face-to-face Model United Nations held after the pandemic. This event was possible thanks to the willingness of all the spokespersons, representatives and delegates of the invited schools. In addition to the great initiative on the part of the participants from Los Cerros.

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