September 29 - 2017

From Los Cerros came the ping pong "teso" (a ping pong table).


She belongs to the table tennis league of Bogota, won a gold medal in Guatemala in 2015 and participated in the Table Tennis Open in Yucatan, Mexico, in 2016.

At Gimnasio de Los Cerros School, located at 4-48 119th Street, Juan Camilo Camacho, a young man who is only 16 years old, is recognized in his institution and nationally for being an outstanding athlete in table tennis.

Her father, Luis Camacho, told THE WEATHER ZONE that his son has participated in national and regional intercollegiate competitions, one of which was held in the municipality of La Calera.

His talent has given him exposure to Mexico and Guatemala and, at the same time, has allowed him to compete with children from other countries.

Juan started playing sports at the age of 13, when he traveled to Medellín to compete in a volleyball tournament, where he was champion with his team. He then joined his school's table tennis league and, after six months, he was part of the Bogota League, at the end of 2013. His most recent participation was in the Asociación de Colegios del Norte, in the junior category.

Juan Camilo says that the strongest competitors are the youngsters from Japan and China and that, at the end of this year, he would like to play in the National Table Tennis Team.

Among his most outstanding achievements is the first place he obtained in the children's category of the La Calera Open Tournament, during 2014, 2015 and 2016.

He also competed in the National Under 15 of the Federation and in the Estrellas del Futuro in Villavicencio, in 2014, being in the top 8 of both championships.

He took third place in the senior category at the 2017 La Calera Open.

Source: El Tiempo newspaper, my area section

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