May 30 - 2016

Alcazares International Children's Cup 2016, a true sports party.


From April 30 to May 5, the 29th "Alcazares Cup" was held in the city of Medellin. The sporting events were held at the host school Gimnasio Los Alcázares. Thirteen delegations from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador arrived to participate in this sporting event.

For its part, the Los Cerros Gymnasium was represented by 47 students belonging to the fourth, fifth and high school grades, accompanied by 5 teachers from the physical education department. All of them were honored prior to their trip, during which the Parents' Association presented them with a sports briefcase and wished them success.

The event was attended by more than 15 families, who, from the stands, encouraged the students, who competed in volleyball, table tennis, chess, athletics, soccer 5 and soccer 11. It is worth mentioning the effort, dedication and commitment with which the students prepared to represent the school in this International Cup.

At the end of the day on May 5, a group of families, who were waiting anxiously at the El Dorado airport, welcomed the athletes with banners, bombs and a "papayera" musical group.

"First of all, I want to thank God for allowing us to participate in this great experience, which undoubtedly leaves a mark on our children. To see them give their best in each of their competitions, always working as a team, fighting with humility, heart and fair play; with the illusion of returning home with the satisfaction of fulfilled duty.

A week of many joys, during which new friendships were sown and others were strengthened. The parents were also a great example of affection and solidarity, supporting each of the games at all times.

A beautiful experience, with great teachings and a single feeling: the great love for our children.

I can only thank you for all that we have shared and hope to meet in the next Alcazares Cup to enjoy and always carry high the image of the great CERROS family," said Beatriz Florez, mother of student Marc Eddy Pierre, from the fourth grade.

Honor Roll

Soccer 5

Table Tennis

Team champions
In singles
First place: Antonio Llano Caldas, from the pre-baccalaureate B class.
Second place: Miguel Alejandro Mulett Chaves, pre-baccalaureate B class.
Third place: Andrés Felipe López Prada, high school A.

Second place for teams
First place: Santiago Pérez Barajas, fifth grade C.
Second place: Sergio Hernán Betancourt Villamil, from fifth C.
Best board: Santiago Pérez Barajas, from fifth C.


Second place


Second place in the following events
Long jump, high jump and 60-meter hurdles: Sebastián Sánchez Beltrán, from pre-high school B.
Ball throwing: Benjamín Lloveras Naranjo, pre-high school B.

Congratulations to all participants for their excellent participation in this edition of the Alcazares Cup!

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