September 24 - 2021

Meet the Student Government for the year 2021-22


It has become a tradition in Cerros that democracy and the education around it is the protagonist of the beginning of the year. One of our missions as a school is also to help our students to be upright citizens, and the exercise of being political actors, as candidates or voters, is very favorable for their formative processes.

It is a real approach and an important preparation for the challenges our students will face in the future when it comes to voting or, why not, running for government office.

For this academic year, those elected were Sergio Pulido (center) in the position of personero, Francisco Navarro (left) from the vice-personería and Juan Camilo Díaz (right) as student representative.

Sergio Pulido: "My main motivation is to leave my mark on the school and help a community that means a lot to me," he said after being elected. He will study systems engineering. He assumed the personería.

Francisco NavarroThis position is an opportunity to serve the school that has given me so much," he said. He will study biochemistry and will serve as vice-personnel until June 2022.

Juan Camilo Diaz: "I want to leave a school with more activities for everyone," he said. He will study music and systems engineering and will be in charge of student representation.

Among its main proposals, three stand out: the Alumni Project, which seeks to bring outstanding graduates from Cerros to give talks to Level C students; to have more cultural activities such as an Art Contest or a mural event; and to integrate with Aspaen Iragua.

We wish them all the best in this important assignment, confident that they will be on the side of the best interests of the school.

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