February 12 - 2021

With international participation, CERMUN V was a complete success


The fifth edition of the Los Cerros Gymnasium Model United Nations - CERMUN - was attended by more than 200 students who attended virtually from Colombia and El Salvador. The other international touch was given by the presence of Spanish, Venezuelan and Guatemalan delegates who joined the debate.

Without major difficulties and with an adaptability centennial (belonging to the technology-native generation born between 1994 and 2010), high school students from at least 15 schools were virtually connected.

As mentioned by Henry Serrano, professor of Theory of Knowledge and organizer of the model, there were three days of debate with a high academic standard, an aspect that can be explained by the wide expertise of the chairmen; some of them had more than 15 United Nations models of experience.

"In the model we discussed the main global challenges and their possible solutions," said Mateo Rodriguez, an 11B student from Gimnasio de Los Cerros, who served as Secretary General of CERMUN V. "In addition to being a space to form better delegates in academic subjects, it was an opportunity to form people of integrity who use their knowledge for the benefit of their community and the world," said the student.

For its part, the Cerros team can be happy about the excellent organization of the model, but it is also valid to 'boast' about the individual awards of our delegates:

  • José Rodrigo Burgos: G20 - Outstanding II
  • Alejandro Ospina: UNODC - Honorable Mention
  • Nicolás Chaparro: UNICEF - Second best delegate
  • Juan Camilo León: ECOFIN - Second best delegate
  • Esteban Aranguren: Republican Crisis - Best Delegate
  • Erick Sayes: GAC Central - Best Strategist

We are grateful for the participation of the English School, Corales, Aspaen Iragua, Juananbú, Tacurí, Saucará, Alcazares, Pinares, Yumaná, Gimnasio Cartagena, Cerezos, Colegio Luis López de Mesa, Colegio El Rosario, Vermont and the Newman School.

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