November 16 - 2021

Cerros honors Food Bank for its service to the country


As part of our educational day, we had the visit of Father Daniel Saldarriaga, executive director of Banco de Alimentos, to tell us about his experience leading this organization. His main objective: to eradicate the hunger pandemic in Colombia with the vaccine of generosity.

During his visit to the school, we had the opportunity to award the 'Order of Merit Gimnasio de Los Cerros' to Father Saldarriaga and the Food Bank. After receiving the award the priest said, "the ability you have through a vocation, such as teaching, is the key to do a lot for a city in need like ours".

On the other hand, Fr. Saldarriaga shared a get-together with the entire teaching staff of the Los Cerros Gymnasium. There he told the history of the Food Bank, shared some anecdotes and thanked the Cerrunos students for volunteering in the organization.

"To take away one of our brothers from the street is a priceless victory" and "in this country there is hunger and it is not because there is a lack of food", were his closing remarks in a call for solidarity and fraternal sharing.


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