April 7 - 2017

Cerros won three gold medals at the first stop of the ACN (Association of Colleges of the North) Tournament.


The final of the first stop of the ACN tournament was held on April 3 and 5 at the "Las Esclavas" school in Bogota.

The Los Cerros delegation was made up of Sergio Pulido, 6A; Miguel Mulett, 6B; Juan Pablo Hernandez, 9A; and Santiago Montes, 8B, current South American champion, who led and supported the team.

The medals obtained were: gold medal in doubles, with Sergio and Miguel; gold medal in singles, with Sergio; gold medal in teams and bronze medal in singles, with Miguel.

"It should be noted that in this tournament we could not count on a large part of the team, since the other athletes were in Medellin, representing the school in the Alcazares Cup. Despite the fact that we did not have all the players, the delegation that we did have, gave all the necessary points to be second in the general classification. If we had been able to attend with all the categories, we would have been overall champions. We will continue to prepare with discipline and dedication for the next competition, the Supérate 2017 games, and finally, the second stop of the ACN tournament. The projection is that Table Tennis in the school continues with very good representation, as it has been done so far," said our coach Jairo Vergara.

With these results, we can see that Table Tennis at Los Cerros is and will continue to be very well supported by several students who have a good level, among them, Sergio Pulido, Miguel Mulett, Andrés Tauta, Alejandro Noguera, Nicolás Silva, Juan Felipe Vargas, Tomás Castro, Felipe Andrés Fajardo and Santiago Castro, who have been preparing for several years in the extracurricular activities of the school. They are projected as the future promise of this sport, after Santiago Montes.

Congratulations to our athletes!

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