August 29 - 2016



On Monday, August 29, the inauguration of the Model United Nations, an academic and cultural activity for enrichment purposes in the Social Sciences and humanities, took place. It consists of an emulation of a real assembly or commission of the United Nations Organization held in cities such as New York and Geneva. It is intended to generate a sense of belonging, opinion and criticism on the procedures of the world and Colombia; thus creating awareness and determination in the diplomatic resolution of conflicts.

The Model United Nations in schools brings together the members of an educational community in an integrated manner. The MUN at Gimnasio de Los Cerros seeks to create an environment of debate and opinion, where the oral and debating skills of those who participate in it are substantially improved. Obtaining human and academic competencies in the discussion of problems that are lived in the world today, thus creating a global and solidary vision of society.

This year it will be developed from fourth grade to tenth grade and with some participation of eleventh grade students.

The topics to be worked on in level B are everyday situations in our school, such as school coexistence, cultural activities, food waste, among others (fourth and fifth grades). The pre-baccalaureate grade will work on topics of Bogotá and Colombia, and the sixth grade will work on world topics.

This year we have a FIFA committee (seventh grade), 4 committees in English (eighth and ninth grades) and 2 committees working on Colombian issues in the Senate and House of Representatives (tenth grade).

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