July 31 - 2023

Cambalés summer camp - Los Cerros Gymnasium


Los Cerros Gymnasium - Welcome to our Cambalés summer camp, where fun and learning go hand in hand! Every day is an exciting adventure full of valuable learning for our little campers.

What do we do in our Cambalés summer camp? ?

In the midst of laughter and games, we instill fundamental values that will last a lifetime. From respect for others and the environment, to the importance of sincere friendship and companionship. Here, each child is encouraged to be authentic and to value the differences that make us unique.

Our camp is a place where creativity overflows, where skills are strengthened and where bonds of friendship are created and strengthened. Together, we explore nature, face challenges and celebrate each achievement as a team. At Cambalés, every experience is an opportunity to grow and learn together, building unforgettable memories.

Join us this summer and discover the magic of Cambalés, where every day is a lesson for life! ???️

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